Monday, July 13, 2009

Real Cultural Wedding: Kim & Greg: by Vancouver Wedding Photographer Greysquare Photographics

It's going to be a busy week. I'm kind of getting overly excited about all the weddings I want to blog about; all the fabulous photographs but instead have to take the advice I tell brides when they call for wedding consults: do one thing at a time and you end of getting way more done. Well...that's kind of hard: I mean after all - it is summer, lazy days, warm weather, bbq's, sitting on your patio with you laptop and of course celebrations of weddings from all different cultures. Yes, the summer season is upon us and promises to be exciting for brides and grooms AND wedding suppliers alike!!

Today I'm going to share with you a wedding that really, really represents true culture. I'm not surprised that Lara from Greysquare Photographics; a fabulous Vancouver BC based photographer had the pleasure to photograph (and boy did she ever do a fantastic job)!!! For those of you who don't know Lara: here's a bit about her: she's easy-going, friendly, a fantastic photographer (mentioned already), has been part of Cultural Weddings for at least 4 years now (her editorial work is featured in the Cultural Wedding Planner every year) and she is joyful. Yes, joyful. That's not a word that you can designate to just anyone. Really! When you speak to her: there's always an undertone of joyfulness and laughter in her voice. Imagine a photographer that's talented, joyful, affordable, and nice! What more could you ask for? So enough about Lara. You can visit her website if you want to know more after you read about all the details of Kim & Greg.

So a bit of background about this specific culturally influenced wedding.
Kim is from a Chinese/German background and Greg is from a Ukrainian/Canadian background, they are both vegetarian. In their wedding we see many hints of the Asian motif and in the food we see the vegetarian and Ukrainian influence. They are a very ‘tongue-in-cheek’ couple and their sense of humour shone throughout the wedding; in their favors, in the wine labels, and many other elements in their wedding. The back of her dress received many comments on the Obi inspired design it had.

Here is one of my most favorite images of Kim.

She wore a Cheongsam, a traditional Chinese dress, as well as a traditional European/North American white(ish) dress. She also incorporated Chinese tea sets (a tea pot and cups) into the centerpieces in honour of the tea ceremony tradition, but they didn't actually do a tea ceremony. Which just goes to show you that couples can personalize any custom; any way they choose and make it their own. It's all it your way!

Greg picked out a very formal tux. Black pants, jacket and vest. White shirt and tie. Apparently it is a Polish superstition that the men in the wedding party cannot remove their vest during the wedding.

When I asked Kim about her theme she said there really wasn't a theme in a traditional sense. Rather Kim wanted to have a wedding that reflected both their personal styles; one of happiness and joy (hence the perfect reason to have Greysquare Photographics document their wedding for them). She made all of the tablecloths out of sari fabric and each table was a different colour. " I wanted everything to be colourful and happy. Some weddings are so somber and that wouldn't reflect Greg or I." she says.

Garlands Florists made the bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages. Kim was definitely a DIY bride. She put Greg in charge of organizing the food (doesn't it look fabulous..apparently it was all vegetarian). She said "I honestly didn't even know exactly what was happening in regards to the food, but I trusted that he likes food enough to do a good job planning it all. And our friend, Michel, who made it all, is an incredibly talented chef."

When I asked Kim what she still envisions from her wedding day she says " not being able to stop smiling. Even the entire way down the aisle, all I could do was smile." - and for obvious reasons Kim. You did an unbelievable job with your wedding. Everything looks amazing.

Kim's advice to brides and grooms planning their wedding: "If you don't want waterworks while walking down the aisle, keep your eyes on your man. All the ladies in the crowd are going to be blubbering and as soon as your see them, you'll be done too. Besides, you don't want to miss the look on his face when he first sees you!" Well said Kim!!

Hands down: Kim is very, very organized She even sent me a spread sheet to look at! Next thing she did to help get a handle on her wedding planning was to visit FrugalBride.
She also attended one wedding show where she found Shi Studios who made gifts to the girls in her wedding party. She got them to take a piece of the fabric from her Cheongsam and made pendants for the girls, it was a perfect gift.

I wish Kim & Greg a colourful happy marriage. Thanks for sharing your details and a special thanks to Lara!


Kim said...

Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your blog! We're both honoured and flattered. I can't believe it's been a year already...where did the time go?