Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mehndi Artists Vancouver || Mehndi Designs by Iti || Ethnic Wedding Customs || Henna Tips

Doesn't it just feel like the summer days just run away. With the 'to do lists' stretching and the long days: it seems that more rather than less should be done but sometimes it's just time to sit back and sip an ice-cap. The caffeine rush and some icy cold should help you bring it all back into perspective. Well the weeks been hectic not to say the least: but I wanted to add some tips for brides getting their henna done in the next few weeks. And if you haven't already be sure to book a henna artist for your bridal party as well - get on it. Henna artists are limited and high in demand during this season - so if you're waiting - what for?

If you've already booked your henna artist try to schedule your henna to applied at least 2 days in advance of your wedding if you can. I've included a few more tips below which are taken from The 7th Edition of Canada's First South Asian Wedding Planner. If you don't already have your copy stop by any of the following locations and pick yours up.
1) Chapters Indigo Book Stores (72nd & Scott Road in Surrey, BC - Strawberry Hill Complex) 2) Kamal's Video 3) Delta Wedding Centre 4) Moore Wedding Centre 5)Bride & Groom Shop 6) Most HBC (The Bay) Gift Registries in the lower mainland Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Abbotsford, British Columbia See my blog about her below.

The gorgeous images on the most part were photographed by
Milan Photo Images, and the incredible mehndi is done by none other than Iti - of Mehndi Designs - one of Vancouver's premier henna artists. 1) If you are booking a henna artist for a group, be sure to discuss price before booking. Some times you can work out a package for a specified number of bridesmaid: be sure to discuss how intricate or not the design will be prior. Remember the more work: the higher the prices 2) Be patient. Applying mehndi is an art (visualize an artist painting on a blank canvas). In this case, you are the canvas so try not to fidget or squirm. Bridal mehndi application is a lengthy process sometimes taking 3 hours or more depending on the design you choose. Help yourself by having a good meal before the henna artist starts and pick out a couple of good Bollywood movies (average run time is 3 hours so you should be good); oh yeah and another very important thing: go to the bathroom before she starts. 3) Henna has a cooling effect so dress warmly and depending on the season you may want to have a heater close by. If it's hot and humid: you will feel great! Okay ... so get the rest of tips from your henna artist. And remember; henna isn't just for the hands. For any flattering figure: have it applied anywhere anytime - awesomeness!


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