Friday, July 3, 2009

Cultural Weddings::Las Vegas Engagement: Angelica & Chris Part 1

What Happens In Vegas - Doesn't Always Stay in Vegas

Each year we go through numerous submissions of wedding stories for the Cultural Wedding Planner. We are amazed at what efforts couples make for their wedding AND the actual marriage proposal. Some that make you wish you could actually witness in person (okay that goes a bit far - but reading and visualizing what happened). One of the proposals that really stands out for me is the story of Chris & Angelica. Kudos to Chris for making such an amazing proposal a reality!! Really knows how to add the WOW factor!! Angelica's marriage proposal must have made her the envy of every women she knows (and yes I too!)

So here it is: the short of it ( you and read the long and detailed version in the Cultural Wedding Planner - pick it from most HBC Gift Registries in BC).

One of the couple’s favorite things to do is travel and Las Vegas was definitely one of their favorite fun destinations. One night Chris surprised Angelica with two tickets to Vegas for the long weekend.When they arrived in Vegas she was pleasantly surprised to know that there was a beautiful room, in front of the water fountains, reserved at The Bellagio Hotel (in my opinion one of the most beautiful hotels in Vegas). The following day, after a breakfast by the pool, Chris told her he wanted to take her somewhere special but refused any details.He drove through the famous Las Vegas strip and she was surprised to see that he was entering the airport area and parked beside some helicopters.

After a tour of the canyon by helicopter they landed in the the middle of the Canyon where there was a table set with fruit and champagne waiting for them...(OMG!!)

But wait:....he didn’t propose there. When they got back to the Bellagio , there were more surprises including: Cirque du Soleil’s “O” show which was followed by dinner at the Picasso Restaurant at the Bellagio.

Not catching on to any of this or Chris's plan: the manager came to their table to inform them that their table was outside on the balcony (where dessert would be served). When they got outside there was only one small table, by the edge of the balcony, beautifully decorated with flowers, two candles and two glasses of champagne.

Then, when the fountains started their show, dancing to a song by Pavarotti, the waiter came to bring dessert and right after came back and said: The chef has sent something special for you” and placed a dish with flowers on the table.

Angelica still not getting it: took a while to see something sparkly inside one of the flowers. It was a ring! When she looked back at Chris, he was already on his knees!

Angelica quotes: "It was perfect! I couldn’t ask for anything better than that. It was not only one special moment, but a very special day, full of wonder and romance.” Yes Angelica - we definitely agree! sounds perfect. This really sets the proposal bar really high. What an amazing, meaningful, well thought out proposal. Wow!!! For any grooms looking for ideas: this is definitely an inspiring way for any women to be proposed to.

You know what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas. Stay tuned for the features of their wedding including the amazing color palette and all the little details Angelica fine tuned. Can't wait to share it with you but if you want more be sure to pick up your copy of the 2009 Edition of The Cultural Wedding Planner where you will find all the bright, gorgeous details along with some of Brazilian wedding traditions. Stay tuned for Part 2 and vibrant photographs by Juliana Pessôa Photography.