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Awesome Vancouver Henna Artist::Cultural Wedding Suppliers

One of most unique and sought after cultural wedding suppliers specifically for Indian weddings is none other than the henna artist. Remember back in the day when some designated aunty-jee would apply the bridal mehndi with a tooth pick? or what about the evolution of the stick-on mehndi patterns that were supposed to be fool-proof and guaranteed that anyone would have gorgeous mehndi for their weddings. Okay then came the mehndi cones. Yes, foil conicals filled with mehndi that is easy to apply - now if you only have the artistic ability to actually use this thing to create more than happy faces and flowers. Fast forward... the art of mehndi actually applied by professional mehndi artist.

I have had the pleasure of knowing: who I think is one of the most talented henna artists around. What started off as a temporary friendship (yes we agreed to be friends on a 3 month trial, was extended to one year and I think it's now been almost 8 years since I have known her first professionally then personally (intermittently between both). I'm talking about non other than Iti Chandra (now Iti Chandra-Kalsi) of

Iti really is an artist at heart and takes her work very seriously but makes it all fun. Her artistic ability is clearly evident when you see her work and her designs.

Her hand is steady and the lines are clean when she applies the mehndi. She uses some special scented oil that doubles up as an aromatherapy session when she's applying the mehndi . Actually I'm not sure why she uses it but is smells really refreshing. When she's done the henna pattern comes out vibrant and bright. The superstition of the lightness or darkness of the brides mehndi as an indication of how much the bride's mother inlaw will love her; is pretty much a right-off because every bride who gets their mehndi done from Iti will have dark mehndi. What a relief!!!

I wish I had known about her when I got married. Seriously, the lady who did my mehndi told me to put plastic bags over my hands after it was applied. After I met Iti, I found out nobody should ever do that. It makes your hands sweat and smudges the mehndi...YES of course!!
She's got a lot of other great tips but to get all details of her experience you can give her call.

She has done my mehndi for some special events a couple of times and I have to tell you she has patience. Not only to do the mehndi but to make the 'mehndi-receiver' be patient as well.

If you are looking for one the best henna artist in Canada; specifically in Vancouver or Surrey then be sure to talk with Iti first. She's great with getting back to people so leave a message if you get her voicemail.

Just a few more tid bits about Iti. Did I mention she's pretty nice. And she does awesome bridal mehndi, mehndi parties for the bridesmaids and family, Arabic mehndi, temporary henna tattoos (do a trial before you go for the big bang permanent one), 2 colour and silver and gold mehndi if you really want to coordinate your bridal outfits with your looks. I'll be adding some tips for the bride if you are getting your mehndi done anytime soon.

Photos: Milan Photo Images
Make-Up: Kim Basran / Kiran Purewal
Mehndi Designs: Iti at
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