Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tami & Chris - aka Mr. & Mrs Cool || Jewish Weddings Vancouver

One of the things I love most about summer besides weddings is Creamsicles. You know the ones I'm talking about (orange on the outside and vanilla ice-cream inside). So what do Creamsicles and weddings have to do with one another. Check out this picture. I love this shot! Photographed by the very, very talented Vancouver wedding photographer Hamid Attie of Tami & Chris.

Tami & Chris had this great idea of renting a Popsicle truck so their guests could indulge in a little summer nostalgia. I was so tempted to title Tami & Chris's wedding profile in the Cultural Wedding Planner - Introducing....Mr & Mrs Cool because I can't really think of any better words to describe this couple.

I met Tami in 2007. She's the boss of Fortuna Fortuna Birdy Productions Inc. but was working as an independent producer for CBC - Living Vancouver. Tami was producing a segment titled 'Off White Weddings' and asked me to be the Cultural Wedding Specialist talking about all the "should and should nots"that brides and grooms need to consider when it comes to their dream wedding including her own.

I was pleasantly surprised at how fun and easygoing the shoot went which took place at the beautiful Vancouver wedding venue: The Hyatt Regency (thanks to Naved Noorani). There were a few moments of Tami's spontaneous acting skills which kind of took me by surprise but I caught on quickly. My 2 bits turned out be 6-bits and ended up in approximately 6 segments of her series. I'll try to add a few links of the footage to the blog as well just in case you'd like to see it.

Tami and Chris had a Jewish wedding at the gorgeous Aberthau Mansion which is a beautiful heritage Tudor-style mansion located at West 2nd Avenue and NW Marine Drive in posh West Vancouver (very close to Jericho beach). They customized the actual Jewish ceremony by modifying existing traditions and creating their very own. I think that's the coolest thing when couples create their own traditions. It makes the wedding more personal and meaningful.

I also love the fact that Tami and Chris didn't go for a 'typical theme' in a way. They went more for an attitude which was clearly evident of who they are as a couple and most probably why their friends and family love them so much - me included.

I haven't had the opportunity to meet Chris in person though; but I know him well enough from the pictures that if I ever saw him; I would know who he was and all the little details about his wedding...which would probably freak him out a bit (that did happen to another groom I met at the Westin Bayshore last year...that was fun and another blog).

Their theme according to Tami, "A little irreverent, a little quirky and not so serious"; hence the published title of Tami & Chris's celebration of love in the Cultural Wedding Planner.

One common Jewish wedding tradition is for the groom to break a glass with his foot; representing the fragility of life and marriage. I'll be discussing some of this and other Jewish Wedding traditions more in part 2 of Tami & Chris's Traditional Jewish Wedding. I'll also tell you how they specifically customized everything. More updates to come in the next few days. Until sure to indulge in the simple pleasure of treating yourself to a Creamsicle.

Before I leave: a couple of more amazing shots of Chris in action, Tami just being her beautiful self and Hamid's talent of capturing it all.

I love this shot. My most favorite spot in Vancouver - Jericho beach. I've spent more time here than anywhere else on the planet so far. Perfect location for wedding pictures in Vancouver and some not so good burgers in the summer. Hint-- pack a lunch!