Friday, June 5, 2009

The Look!!!

Nita's look: I love both Nita & Sudhir's choices for their wedding outfits. They complement each other perfectly and one does not dominate the other which often happens with ethnic wedding attire (especially Indian bridal gowns). Of course: the bride's wedding gown; more often than not does since it tends to be more heavily embroidered with metallic threads, crystals and intricate beading and stonework. But in this case: the wedding attire was elegant, sophisticated, soft yet glamorous all at the same time! I guess you could say - just perfect for this couple.

For the evening reception, Nita wore an exquisite light salmon (more peachy) lengha paired with an ice blue choli (the cap sleeves and cut of the blouse was absolutely beautiful on her). For the actual Hindu Marriage ceremony : she wore traditional red paired with a teal blue choli. Her maang tikka had blue beads which picked up on the blue embroidery on her pure silk duppatta and her bangles were blue instead the traditional red giving her outfit a modern twist to traditional. Brides keep in mind when you purchase your mang tikka buy a shape that complements your face - not dominate your entire look.

And for those brides shopping around for the perfect bridal lengha, I think it's really important especially for those who will need to cover their head for the religious part of their ceremony such as Sikh, Hindu or Muslim weddings that they consider a duppatta that will sit comfortably on the head. Many times designers come up with the most elaborate and regal embroideries which are quite heavy to hold let alone maneuver (50 pounds for the wedding lengha is not uncommon these days). Remember you will be wearing this outfit for at least 6 hours so you should be somewhat comfortable in what you choose.

Back to Nita and Suhir: I think they made smart, sophisticated choices when it came to choosing the perfect outfits for their big day. As she did when it came to her "look" for her hair and make up which was posh and polished. She's beautiful without makeup but with the make-up style that she chose; her best features popped and she had that gorgeous, healthy glow that brides have on their wedding day. She looked 'fresh' not heavily 'made-up'. She had her hair in a traditional up-do (simple, clean and carried the duppatta nicely). She chose to keep her hair down which looked glamorous and modern and paired beautifully with the contemporary styling of her evening wedding attire.

All around: Nita was a no-fuss bride who was just fabulous!!!

You'll notice the 'overall blue theme being carried out but the couple walks along a red carpet'. Special thanks again to Amour Event Designs for this. Notice that huge blue backdrop on the inside of the door (dramatic and subtle styling). Fabulous photos by MatchStudio