Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ganache Patisserie's Outstanding Masterpiece!

I forgot to mention a couple of important things about Nita & Sudhir's wedding theme.
The couple opted to work with 2 decorators instead of one due to the overall size of the wedding and also due to the fact that the reception was overall very large. There were approximately 600 guests who attended the evening dinner reception and approximately 150 guests who attended the intimate Hindu ceremony which took place under a mandap in one of the banquet rooms. The actual ceremony theme was red & platinum and was based on the colours of the actual mandap.
But first here is a look at creation created by Ganache Patisserie: one of the finest wedding cake designers based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Oh and thanks again to Rafael. We wouldn't be able to enjoy any of these if it wasn't for him.


Selina J said...

That's a beautiful cake!!

I don't know if you've done a piece on cultural wedding photographers, but if you do plan on it, you should check out Hyperfocus. They are Vancouver based wedding photographers. They do a lot of multi-cultural weddings.

I read their blog a lot, they post some pretty amazing pics in there. http://www.hyperfocus.ca/blogv2/ often with beautiful and culturally diverse shots.

Anyway... I've rambled on long enough here. LOL!! See ya later.