Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mona & Tavaras Real Cultural Weddings Vancouver White Rock BC ~Part 1

So here are the fabulous details from Mona & Tavaras's Cultural - double ceremony wedding. I think my first impression(s) of this wedding is 'light, airy, refreshing, modern and chic'. It is reflected throughout the entire wedding from the choice of colours - creamy beige softens the dramatic and joyfulness of the pinks and orange (btw - orange adds energy and boost to any occasion) and of course the regal detailing of traditional yellow-gold jewellery and embroidery. Here's one of my favorite images from the Hindu ceremony part of the wedding (lush and vibrant haar which were part of the jaya mala ceremony). And of course we wouldn't be able to share any of these with you if it wasn't for their fantastic photographer Amish Solanki.

The ceremony and wedding reception venue of choice was The
Chateau Cargill located in the South Surrey more on beautiful White Rock side.

As each guest arrived, they received a h
ot pink/orange wedding agenda card with the following message: "You have been invited to share in one of the greatest moments of our lives. This is a celebration of our marriage and our 10 year Anniversary of being together...."

It was truly a fusion wedding with 200 of their closest nearest and dearest gathered for not one but TWO beautiful outdoor ceremonies followed by a dinner reception and night of dancing. It was the hottest day of the year which made it even more perfect!

Thanks to Mona for sharing the itemized-time line of the events:

3:00 pm: Mona wore a traditional Assamese mehkala (similar to a saree but specific to the region of Assam, India.) Quick geography lesson: Assam is a northeastern state of India.
Located south of the eastern Himalayas famous for things such tea and silk.

Tavaras wore an atchkin from Sunny's Bridal located in the Vancouver Punjabi market conveniently located at East 49th and Main Street. The ceremony was a truly meaningful family affair and very personal because Mona's grandparents from England conducted the actual Hindu ceremony.

4:00pm ~ Refreshments were served on the lawn (I've requested Mona to get some more pictures to me so hopefully we will get them soon!)

5:15pm ~ Civil Ceremony. There was a quick decor change where the mandup was turned into a modern floral backdrop design with hotpink flowers dangling from the pillars and pedestals covered with rose petals. The bride and groom also changed into their western attire to celebrate the western aspect of the civil ceremony.

Mona wore an off-white wedding dress from Lisa's Bridal in New Westminster (for brides still looking for the perfect wedding dress - several brides we have featured in the Cultural Wedding Planner each year have purchased their dream wedding gown from Lisa's Bridal - so before you make your choice - take a trip down wedding lane in the heart of New West where you will find the an array of wedding related shops. Tavaras wore a tuxedo from Leading Man Tuxedos also located in New Westminster.

Mona's bridesmaids wore hot pink mehkalas that her mom had made in Assam. If you take a close look at the picture below you can actually see Mona's business partner of Decorating Divas Design - Ravinder. Not only did she have to fill the shoes of a beautiful bridesmaid she was also repsonsible for all the florals including Mona's bridal bouquet, the bridesmaid flower ties and the lapel pins for the wedding party. She also juggled the responsibilty for the chic decor!!! Well done Ravinder and the team of bridesmaids who gave her a hand.

And I LOVE the colour of the mehkalas - for brides thinking about incorporating pink into their overall wedding theme; there are such a humungous number of pink options. It's soft, femine and can be paired with black, brown, orange, and platinum or simply put together with different hues.

I also especially love the use of the marigolds in the decor. They were smart to go with locally grown (enviro-friendly choice). Marigolds are often overlooked as a choice in floral decor but definitely versatile and something to consider. In weddings taking place in India, sometimes they decorate the wedding vehicle with garlands of marigolds - hmm there's a thought.

Okay, a few more details: as they entered, Mr. Headley played the Trinidadian steel pan drums and the ceremony was conducted by JP Mr. Bob Buzza. I'll post some of the detail shots tomorrow. Congratulations to both Mona & Tavaras!

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